Frequently Asked Questions

Is delivery and collection free of charge?
Delivery and collection is free of charge for all orders over $150 to most areas of the Gold Coast between the hours of 10.00 am and 2:00 pm. Orders less than $150 can either be collected from our warehouse or delivered for an additional fee.

Do you carry the equipment up stairs?
The driver comes on his own however where ever possible and where safe he will endeavour to place the equipment in the desired location.

Can the equipment be used outdoors?
Yes, the equipment is usually alright outdoors as long as it’s under cover and doesn’t get wet. This is for your own safety as well as the protection of our equipment.

Is an overnight hire classed as a 1 day hire?
Yes, the equipment is delivered one day and collected the next.

Can you collect the equipment at the end of the evening?
No equipment is collected the next day.

Does the equipment come assembled?
Yes all equipment comes fully assembled. Large or difficult installs will incur extra setup fees.

Do you supply staff to operate the equipment?
No, not usually as all the equipment is easy to use and operate.

Do you supply alcohol for the Cocktail Machine hires?
No, we don’t have a liquor licence so we cannot supply the alcohol.

How much alcohol do the Cocktail Machines require?
For every 10 litres of mix you can add up to 1 litre of alcohol.
Single Machine 2 x 750 ml bottles of alcohol
Double Machine 4 x 750 ml bottles of alcohol
Triple Machine 6 X 750 ml bottles of alcohol